For my final university project, I produced a series of articles on the true legacy of the London 2012 Olympics, interviewing 20 people at various levels of sport, across a wide array of sports.

The six articles concentrate on the importance of sport, minority sports and the barriers faced by sports at the bottom of the sporting pyramid, the issues surrounding Basketball and their funding cuts, the specific impact of London 2012 on British sport and, in conclusion, the current state of British sport – chiefly, where the country is going right and where the country is going wrong.

Each article was of around 1,000 words in length, with at least four sources used in each article and 20 sources used across the series. The sources that were contacted for the articles were mainly sport development officers across British sports, including in Handball, Rounders, Softball and Showjumping. There were, though, also insights and opinions sourced from others in the thick end of sport, including Chief Executives of National Governing Bodies, players and a coach of a local volleyball team and a regional strategic lead for the Government’s primary sporting body - Sport England.

The articles will not be published but if anyone would like to read the articles, please feel free to contact me on jakecharrison92[at]gmail[dot]com.


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